Making home decor art

The depth of this practical joke is beyond measure, almost. 
What follows are some inductions about its origin and execution.
The prankster almost certainly is male, although given the word choice, might be just British. The argument for a male prankster is more contextual. This seems more like the kind of thing a frustrated guy would do than would a frustrated girl. In my imagination, this is the work of an exquisitely talented artist who, in a fit of frustration, made a choice he couldn't undo.
During what seemed like an endless revision and redesign process (it likely was only a few hours of redesign, but when you're working on something soulless it seems an eternity) one of the marketing morons probably said something like, "Think of the kind of person who would buy this flag, and design it for them."
That was when the artist's inspiration took control. The result was a perfect piece of postmodern arta commentary on elegance as it relates to the consumer culture.
In addition to lampooning prevailing notions about sophistication and taste (we want something "nice" but we don't want to pay for it, so we upend traditional notions of quality), this art takes a shot at what counts as humor. Who indeed is the kind of person for whom a pun as atrocious as "Home Tweet Home" is amusing? So amusing that they feel compelled to advertise their clever/cute-ness with it? What word best describes tone-deaf America?
So he put it together and sent it along, knowing someone would catch the letter configuration and have him tweak the double "e" into shape. He planned on brushing it off as a mistake, pretending not to have noticed (although it would be clear to everyone that he had). I like to think he kept a copy for himself, maybe had it printed and hung it on his wall as his greatest artistic achievement.
When it became clear no one would notice, he was horrified for a second. Then, he had this creeping feeling that only could be sublimity, which he never had felt during work hours.
Nowadays, he finds himself driving through working class neighborhoods on the off chance he'll get to experience his work. He hasn't seen it yet, but holds out hope that, in the future, he might.


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