Todcast Episode 146: Life imitates parody

In this week's Todcast, we talk muskrat, country music, and because it's the law, the Oscars. The good folks at Good Clean Fun Life, are preparing to celebrate their fifth year as a lifestyle website. Officially, they started on St. Patrick's Day but, just as Natalee celebrates her birthday for the better part of the month, so too does GCFL.  you will see a bit of positive nostalgia from them and a ton of new content as well.
March is kind of a watershed moment for Todd and I as well, as it marks our one time attempt at an event: Varmintfest. Muskrat is less an acquired taste as an acquirable taste. That is, if you try it as an adult, you really have to be committed to liking it if you wanna like it. Todd and I each relive our taste experiences which are almost completely opposed. We did agree on the color of the meat, which is something. More >>>


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